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Baron and Theo by Epicsprites
Baron and Theo
A lil somethin somethin i made .3.
For one of my off of DA friends. ^^ my fc and her's.Mine being Baron the Bat of course.Her's being Theo the Tiger.Both characters for the series Five Nights at Freddy's.
Jeremy Fitzgerald Concept Art by Epicsprites
Jeremy Fitzgerald Concept Art
Another concept art for this?Well yeah I did the other two human characters why not do the third?
This here is protagonist of fnaf 2.Jeremy.I for some reason always pictured him not being really a badass like i pictured Mike as.I more so saw Jeremy as a more laid back individual, who simply only comes back to the job for the money.Also he must have a bad memory for coming back for nights 6 and 7 when it's clearly not needed.So tell me what you think of this here concept art.
Mike Schmidt Concept Art by Epicsprites
Mike Schmidt Concept Art
Cause I felt like it.I mean I made concept art of Phone Guy AKA Howard.So I figured i'd make one of Mike Schmidt AKA Mr. Unpronouncable last name.I dunno why just I always pictured Mike being a bit of you say badass.And some guy who must be desperate for money, as well as having confident along with his badassery, as he comes back for all 5 nights with no obligation to do so.
Anyway, tell me what you think of this concept art.I did my best.
Doug The Dog-Gift by Epicsprites
Doug The Dog-Gift
For my friend :iconpokeman25: I made this here drawing.It's of his FNAF OC Doug The Dog.I tried my best.Mighta forgot the tail but idk what shape itd be cause different dogs has different tails. .w.
Anyway, I hope ya like it Poke!
Pyrolia & Jell-Poke'back Ride by Epicsprites
Pyrolia & Jell-Poke'back Ride
Another thing with Jell.This time with his owner, Pyrolia. :aww: So kawaii desu.a piggyback ride.
Anyway I just wanted to do this meep. >w<
So i'm going to my grandma's for dinner and trick or treating.Due to this I will be offline from 4 PM U.S Eastern standard time to 8-9(hopefully) PM U.S Eastern Standard Time.So that's basically what's going on yep.
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Diamond D
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a male who loves video games, spriteing, & the internet.I'm a fan of Pokemon, Earthbound, Kirby, Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Steven Universe, & Five Nights at Freddy's.also, i have plenty of sprite time & don't make fun of them.i make my sprites on to be here!

I am a...

I now have a da family!
:iconalterglaceon: my closest friend, who i have deemed as one of my brothers!we even have the same birthday!
:iconsonazeforever200: my dear sister!she is sometimes hard to get a hold of, but she's still an awesome sister, and an awesome writer!
:iconevanxtreme00: one of my bros!i never said this about anyone, but i think he's more random then me!
:iconsonaze01: one of my sisters!i love rping with her and we get along well!
:iconlight-acornfr: my rival appearently.we dunt have conflict tho.hes a great animator!
:iconhappyrose100: she's never had a da family before but she is a great friend of mine!
:iconxxsasthosi-kunxx: one of my friends!we dont talk much but hes pretty awesome nontheless!
:iconaegisthehedgehog: very random.much aegis.gud person.potato.
:iconthelancerlp: this guy is just a crazy bum :I but he's still one of my bros nonetheless.
:iconmirabelleleaf31: Ageyo!Yeah that 's a word,great word actually google that. ^^
appearently it means cute, playful, or charming.I love rping with her!she's pretty awesome.
:iconaquamimi123: One of my sisters.we don't talk that much, but she's still an awesome gal and makes some cool art. :3
:iconmourninggardevoir: one of my da bros.faster then the speed of lightning!...yeh.
:iconscrapzebra: appearently he's my nephew! ^^ Hang on wat I'm only a teenager how can I be an uncle!? O.o
:iconsweetjessicathecat: one of my dearest cousins.she's totally awesome and makes both drawn and digital arts that rock! :3
:iconxxdarknessglitchxx: another rival?again we no has conflict and he makes some great art.
:iconflamingfletcherx68: My new brothah!He makes some sick artwork so be sure to check it out sometime!
:iconinsanevaporeon: my amazing derpy rp queen of a sister!She's awesome go check out her DA!!!We get along great and even though were in major different timezones we still try to meet up every day now!!! ^^
:iconangelistheabsol: My sister in-law!She's pretty cool and makes some nice art!Go check her out! :3
:iconpokeman25: My new bruddah!!!He loves his creepypastas he does and he may only have 3 characters but man are they cool.So go check out his DA Page.Do eeeeeet. .w.
:icontekrs21: my real life friend!one of my besties!He ain't able to be on here often and he's just started out but he's still a cool dude believe me.
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