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Pokemon Trainer Ace Sprite (Sinnoh) by Epicsprites
Pokemon Trainer Ace Sprite (Sinnoh)
Been awhile since I made Ace a trainer sprite.And I finally got around to making the sinnoh one.I tried to make it look cool while still keeping in mind all the different climate areas in Sinnoh.Original sprites belong to respectful owners.
Amy & Tella Team Pose by Epicsprites
Amy & Tella Team Pose
~{ Mother & Daughter }~

I wanted to do this.Simple.It's kyut. :aww: Amy & her chao Tella.She deems Tella as her daughter, her little angel.And Tella also refers to Amy as her mom.It's sweet that they're not even the same species, not related by love, but they still see each other as family that closely.Original sprites belong to respectful owners.Enjoy!!!
Wooaahhh by Epicsprites
3 groups wanted to add this one deviation i did of mine to their groups!most requests for that ive seen on my da career yet.That is why I am makin this...dis here a ting. #FreddySweg
And due to this here group addin stuff I nominate myself and Freddy for The Deviantart Worldwide MLD GET REKT Pro 2014 of all time (sponsored by Mountain Lightning and doreetoes, the deviant's choice drink and snack for srs proz only)
Original sprites belong to respectful owners.
Blazerasu the Blaziken by Epicsprites
Blazerasu the Blaziken
Meet Blazerasu!Ace's Blaziken.The main hero next to him in Ace's Pokemon Journeys.As you can see he's slightly different then the normal blaziken.Also Ace gave him a necklace to put his Blazikenite. :aww:
This is the pokemon that will be sticking with him through all his journeys.Like Ash's Pikachu.
Anyway, this was based off actual Blaziken Artwork.So credit to the creators of the official Blaziken Artwork over there at Gamefreak and nintendo.Blazerasu's name is a combination of blaziken and the name of the sun god Amaterasu.I thought it'd be fitting since Blazerasu and Ace are heroes and stand for light, and blaziken is part fire.
I hope you like this look.Enjoy!!!
Bliz The Beartic by Epicsprites
Bliz The Beartic
Another pokemon I mades have a slightly different design.I felt like it .3.
Not much to say X3
Okay so what's the deal people with people on youtube?No matter what youtuber I subscribe to I go to their comments and now every time I go into the comments I see hardly any REAL HELPFUL feedback.Lemme list what there is instead for the more majority of the comments seen.

1. Hey gaueys cime checck oaut mah channe i make videoas.

2. Man I miss the old youtubers they've alll chhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanged. >:T

3. Look at dese non-copy n passste skillz


5. F*** you youtubeeerrr u suck

6. Let's start a storwy

7. Puttin the lyrics of dis song here even tho theyre in da videoa (only for music vids)

8. Somethin about me personal life and not related to the video at all .3.


10. Heeyyy come chek ot dis serveeerrr (only for minecraft videos)


All this needs to just stop but i know its not gonna.its just gonna get worse and worse and comments are awful nowadays and people question why Pewdiepie turned off comments.
Allow me to respond to all of these fads.

1. Really?You think your gonna make it big by spamming other people's videos instead of doing what they did and uploading good content for us to watch and making it there?your not gonna get there by spamming videos.popular youtubers never did that.

2. They've changed?No they're the same youtubers we know and love.YOUR idea of fun and entertaining things have changed and you shouldn't blame the youtubers for the fact that your growing up.

3. Oh yeah that's a real nice pic there where did you get it?Oh guess what some people may care but I don't.Does mario or an unfinished troll face help give feedback?No.

4. Yes I get it.I like the game too.But these youtubers have played it already!They've done play through and just because you want them to waste so much of their lives to go at the custom night doesn't mean they're gonna.there's plenty of others who've done it if ya wanna see it done but if a youtuber is done with the game then they're done with the game.There's more games that they can play then that.

5. Really?How do they suck?They just do?Mhm...what grade did you get in spelling by the way commenter?

6. Once upon a time the end.Once again UNRELATED to the video.And does NOT help the youtuber unless it has some relation to them and even so it's just gonna end up escalating to something completely unrelated to them.

7. Yes we saw the video.We SEE the lyrics.We don't need to go to the comments to see the version you put there that likely has typos as well.

8. Mhm that must be your birthday soon maybe probably not.

9. I don' people to come to your server?Here's an idea.MAKE VIDEOS OF YOU PLAYING ON IT.That works better then spamming videos with the IP adress and barely saying anything about the server if anything at all.

10. Yes they played the same game.Must mean they're ripping people off.I mean I guess if I eat pizza i'm ripping off people from Italy.Like really there's only so many games that would make for good content and youtubers want to please fans who request it or they think would like it but it turns out someone else played the game too.So what?!Unless they're saying tons of the same commentary it's not ripping off.

And those are my thoughts on the youtube comments feel free to state yours in the comments of Deviantart below.Y'know where comments are still good.(for the most part)
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United States
I am a male who loves video games, spriteing, & the internet.I'm a fan of Pokemon, Earthbound, Kirby, Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Steven Universe, & Five Nights at Freddy's.also, i have plenty of sprite time & don't make fun of them.i make my sprites on to be here!

I am a...

I now have a da family!
:iconalterweavile: my closest friend, who i have deemed as one of my brothers!we even have the same birthday!
:iconsonazeforever200: my dear sister!she is sometimes hard to get a hold of, but she's still an awesome sister, and an awesome writer!
:iconevanxtreme00: one of my bros!i never said this about anyone, but i think he's more random then me!
:iconsonaze01: one of my sisters!i love rping with her and we get along well!
:iconlight-acornfr: my rival appearently.we dunt have conflict tho.hes a great animator!
:iconhappyrose100: she's never had a da family before but she is a great friend of mine!
:iconxxsasthosi-kunxx: one of my friends!we dont talk much but hes pretty awesome nontheless!
:iconaegisthehedgehog: very random.much aegis.gud person.potato.
:iconthelancerlp: this guy is just a crazy bum :I but he's still one of my bros nonetheless.
:iconmirabelleleaf31: Ageyo!Yeah that 's a word,great word actually google that. ^^
appearently it means cute, playful, or charming.I love rping with her!she's pretty awesome.
:iconaquamimi123: One of my sisters.we don't talk that much, but she's still an awesome gal and makes some cool art. :3
:iconmourninggardevoir: one of my da bros.faster then the speed of lightning!...yeh.
:iconscrapzebra: appearently he's my nephew! ^^ Hang on wat I'm only a teenager how can I be an uncle!? O.o
:iconsweetjessicathecat: one of my dearest cousins.she's totally awesome and makes both drawn and digital arts that rock! :3
:iconxxdarknessglitchxx: another rival?again we no has conflict and he makes some great art.
:iconflamingfletcherx68: My new brothah!He makes some sick artwork so be sure to check it out sometime!
:iconinsanevaporeon: my amazing derpy rp queen of a sister!She's awesome go check out her DA!!!We get along great and even though were in major different timezones we still try to meet up every day now!!! ^^
:iconangelistheabsol: My sister in-law!She's pretty cool and makes some nice art!Go check her out! :3
:iconpokeman25: My new bruddah!!!He loves his creepypastas he does and he may only have 3 characters but man are they cool.So go check out his DA Page.Do eeeeeet. .w.
:icontekrs21: my real life friend!one of my besties!He ain't able to be on here often and he's just started out but he's still a cool dude believe me.
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