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Steven Universe-Obsidian of the Skull Squad by Epicsprites
Steven Universe-Obsidian of the Skull Squad
my hopefully final steven universe fc.obsidian!allied with neither homeworld or the crystal gems, obsidian is the only member left of a rogue group of evil gems known as the skull squad.and she's still around doing bad For her own gain.
Steven Universe-Titanium of Homeworld by Epicsprites
Steven Universe-Titanium of Homeworld
Yes I am not done with steven universe fan characters.I have him then one more!and if your wondering why Diamond and titanium are males, don't worry I'll reveal in due time...
anyway, titanium is allied with homeworld, a rank higher then jasper and commander aka general of the homeworld gem army.his rank is only topped by the authority themselves...
(Yes his design was inspired heavily off general x from megaman X)
Jacksepticeye the Crystal Gem by Epicsprites
Jacksepticeye the Crystal Gem
This is what happens when I'm bored and watching too much of two things at once.
this picture is filled with jacksepticeye references!if your a fellow boss subscriber, hi fives all round to ya.anyway, just a little something I did while watching steven universe and jacksepticeye.I guess you could consider this jacksepticeye fanart!
Partners in heroism! by Epicsprites
Partners in heroism!
Koopzer and Whitney out on a journey together or about to start one!I'll be doing more of these two in the future I was totally inspired by "when can I see you again"
(If you didn't know why whitney is speaking like that it's because whittles have a very simple speech type)
New Mario Character-Whitney the Whittle by Epicsprites
New Mario Character-Whitney the Whittle
About time I made a new mario character!she's of the obscure species from super mario galaxy 2, the whittles!whitney is koopzer's sidekick, and is there to help him when needed.she can do all that good jumping, and her flower on her head changes when she gets a power up.her personality is best described as tomboyish, brave, and loving to nature.
So now that I have gotten the first half of the art flood done here comes another r project for the second half!an idea I had I like to call well....look at the title of the journal.anyway, sugf is a unique idea I had about what would happen after the series.200 years after it to be exact.since the crystal gems are immortal, they would still be alive obviously.and basically this is not as big of a project currently, but is also meant for mainly our own enjoyment as a with that I present to you what I have so far for sugf!

The plot is its been 200 years after the events of the show.steven has perfected his weapon summoning and gem a worthy power along with the rest of the gems.but at this point in time something...tragic happens.and it happened so was a normal day when all of the sudden...a giant ball of dark energy like a meteor came down from the sky.the gems they tried everything.the light cannons, magic opal arrows, absolutely anything they could think of.but they couldn't stop the collision.all citizens had fled far from the city, they could not be fast enough to save any humans.the only choice they had was to finally put the spaceship home they constructed to use to flee the the planet was destroyed.they were now out in space, able to live forever up there sure, but did they want to just be sitting ducks for the rest of eternity?no.they may have fallen but they got back up.they take off for new adventures in find new life, new allies.a new hope (non intended star wars reference) They will not stop searching for a solution to reverse the destruction of earth until they find it, and they swear they will succeed.because they are the crystal gems.and they'll always save the day.

So I have some things planned out for this series.such as crossover material as well as some plot involving the homeworld.for example, depending on what the actual series leaves us with, homeworld will either help them or get in they're way.maybe they could even find a certain blue gem out in space flying on her hyrdolic wings.and as for crossovers I had an idea for they could come across a little planet called popstar.maybe they'll find some help there huh?anyway, this project is more in earlier development In the thought process so it won't be as detailed as my other since it's more recent.things like the spaceship design and some designs of minor characters possibly homeworld will be done later.for now, let the second part of the flood commence even if it's short compared to the first half!
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United States
I am a male who loves video games, spriteing, & the internet.I'm a fan of Pokemon, Earthbound, Kirby, Mario, Megaman, Sonic, Steven Universe, & Five Nights at Freddy's.also, i have plenty of sprite time & don't make fun of them.i make my sprites on to be here!

I am a...

I now have a da family!
:iconalterweavile: my closest friend, who i have deemed as one of my brothers!we even have the same birthday!
:iconsonazeforever200: my dear sister!she is sometimes hard to get a hold of, but she's still an awesome sister, and an awesome writer!
:iconevanxtreme00: one of my bros!i never said this about anyone, but i think he's more random then me!
:iconsonaze01: one of my sisters!i love rping with her and we get along well!
:iconlight-acornfr: my rival appearently.we dunt have conflict tho.hes a great animator!
:iconhappyrose100: she's never had a da family before but she is a great friend of mine!
:iconxxsasthosi-kunxx: one of my friends!we dont talk much but hes pretty awesome nontheless!
:iconaegisthehedgehog: very random.much aegis.gud person.potato.
:iconthelancerlp: this guy is just a crazy bum :I but he's still one of my bros nonetheless.
:iconmirabelleleaf31: Ageyo!Yeah that 's a word,great word actually google that. ^^
appearently it means cute, playful, or charming.I love rping with her!she's pretty awesome.
:iconaquamimi123: One of my sisters.we don't talk that much, but she's still an awesome gal and makes some cool art. :3
:iconmourninggardevoir: one of my da bros.faster then the speed of lightning!...yeh.
:iconscrapzebra: appearently he's my nephew! ^^ Hang on wat I'm only a teenager how can I be an uncle!? O.o
:iconsweetjessicathecat: one of my dearest cousins.she's totally awesome and makes both drawn and digital arts that rock! :3
:iconxxdarknessglitchxx: another rival?again we no has conflict and he makes some great art.
:iconflamingfletcherx68: My new brothah!He makes some sick artwork so be sure to check it out sometime!
:iconinsanevaporeon: my amazing derpy rp queen of a sister!She's awesome go check out her DA!!!We get along great and even though were in major different timezones we still try to meet up every day now!!! ^^
:iconangelistheabsol: My sister in-law!She's pretty cool and makes some nice art!Go check her out! :3
:iconpokeman25: My new bruddah!!!He loves his creepypastas he does and he may only have 3 characters but man are they cool.So go check out his DA Page.Do eeeeeet. .w.
:icontekrs21: my real life friend!one of my besties!He ain't able to be on here often and he's just started out but he's still a cool dude believe me.
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